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Is this your listing agent’s idea of selling your home?

If your Real Estate Agent has your property on a lockbox as part of their marketing plan, is this the right agent for you?  When you hire a Real Estate Agent to market and sell your home, ask them how they handle showings?  Many agents will put your property on the MLS and slap a lockbox on the fence or door and expect the home to sell itself. Remember, you are paying them a 5%-6% commission for their services.

Jose Hernandez, Realtor

Putting your listing on a lockbox may be necessary in some cases, but the majority of the time, your interests are best served by your Realtor personally showing your home to all prospective buyers.  The reason this is so important to the success of selling your home is that the Realtor is there to greet prospective buyers and welcome them to your home.  He/she will take the buyers through the home providing valuable information about the home and neighborhood, answering questions and gauging their interest.  All of these activities are of critical importance to you the seller, because your agent can provide you with feedback on the showings, noting any common themes or questions that buyers may have and help you determine if the property is priced competitively.   This helps you to gauge the market and respond accordingly.  Your listing agent is the best person to represent you and your interests during showings, and not leave anything to chance.

When your property is on a lock box and your realtor is not present at showings, there often is a potential for a missed opportunity.   Many times, the lockbox is difficult to open, contains multiple keys and access to the property is often challenging or cannot be accomplished.  If this happens, the frustrated agent has no other choice but to walk away unable to show your property to their buyers.

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Once inside the property, the buyers’ agent is unfamiliar with the home and showing it for the first time.  Having to figure out which key opens the door, how to disarm the security alarm, operate lighting controls, or where the parking spot is located, becomes less than an ideal experience for the prospective buyer.

A lockbox holds the key(s) to your property which are accessed through a security code provided by the listing agent.  This access code is given out to several agents who are showing your property, which can be a huge security risk for the seller.  The potential for keys to get misplaced, not returned to the lockbox or improperly secured in the lockbox often happen.

In conclusion, putting your home on a lockbox is not the ideal way to sell your home.   We recommend that you hire an experienced Chicago Real Estate Agent who personally shows your home, ensures that the lights are turned off, doors are locked, and everything in your home is the way you left it.

If you are thinking about selling your home, we would love to share our unique marketing plan with you!  We always personally show your home to prospective buyers!  To learn more, contact us today!