Avondale Real Estate

Avondale Real Estate: Get to Know the Neighborhood

Avondale is a smaller, residential neighborhood that provides the experience of a community-oriented neighborhood complete with modern conveniences nearby and an enticing nightlife. 

The area provides small businesses and large retailers all dotted along the main roads, but beyond that are sprawling residences, intermixed with well known local hot spots for dining and nightlife. 

This makes it a great locale for homeowners, renters, and landlords alike - close to the city, but far enough away to have more reasonable prices and a more relaxed lifestyle.

Avondale Real Estate Market At a Glance

The current Avondale Real Estate Prices for closed sales in Avondale range between $139,990 and $950,000 with the median sale price of $399,000. This brings the average price per square foot to $222.

There are multiple associations within the neighborhood which charge additional association fees averaging $420-$560 per month. 

The median sale price for condominiums and single-family homes in the area has been steadily climbing with projections to continue into 2020. In 2019 - 1,015 units were sold in Avondale, and this figure has remained the same or increased slightly since 2015.

How long do properties stay on the market in Avondale, Chicago?

Not long at all. The average condo remains on the market for less than 2 months while the average single-family home stays less than 50 days on the market.


Median Property Value (2022) 


Median Cost Per Square Foot (2022) 


Market Growth (Since 2019)

-1-5% per year

Housing Units Sold (2021) 


Average Time to Close (2022)

< 53 days 

More Avondale Real Estate Statistics

The boundaries of Avondale make a perfect rectangle with Belmont Avenue along the south, Pulaski Road along the west, Western Avenue along the East, and Addison Street along the north. 

The most prominent type of home in this neighborhood is an attached home, namely condos, townhouses, and lofts. Alongside this, there are ample single-family homes to be found, the ages for which range from 1881 to 2020. The average square footage for the area spans between 695 and 4,325 square feet. 

Houses have between 1 and 6 bedrooms and bathrooms. However, most homes in this community have unfinished basements with a quarter-acre lot. Most homes have a garage and assigned parking spaces.

Avondale Neighborhood Map

Avondale Amenities and Attractions

Scenery and Dining

Avondale is quite popular for its walkability. It is considered by many to be a walker’s paradise, with a walking score of 91 out of 100. Likewise, the area is very bikeable with excellent public transit making it easy to get around with any means. 

That said, the dining options in the area are low key, easily accessible eateries as opposed to fancy, multi-star restaurants. There are many locally famous institutions along Kimball and Kedzie Avenues where fast food can be found. However, if you want more local flair, the food on Belmont and Elston Avenues are best. You can find storefronts with carry out at almost all hours, or formal dining.

Nightlife and Tourism

One popular local favorite is Kuma’s Corner. Kuma’s Corner has received accolades from the local community like the award for “Best Burger”. Here you will find an array of new burger designs put forth by the owners on a regular basis. Other options include Kurowski’s Sausage Shop and Staropulska.

Also on Elston and Belmont Avenues are mixtures of craft beer bars, Irish pubs, and dive bars for the evenings. The west part of Belmont is where late-night bars are still serving, with dive bars and dance clubs too. 

Families love Avondale in large part because of the transformation of abandoned areas into outdoor spaces like the famous Avondale Park.

Avondale Homes For Sale

Types of Real Estate for Sale in Avondale, Chicago

As mentioned, there are many lofts, condos, and single-family homes for sale in Avondale. Presently, the most common single-family homes have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, averaging between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet. 

There are many options for homes dotting the landscape. As mentioned you can find old, traditional homes built in the 19th century densely packed along most streets, but there are still ample single-family homes to be found with small backyards and detached garages. 

Most Common Real Estate Opportunities in Avondale

Much like other Chicago neighborhoods, there are apartment buildings and condominiums scattered throughout the neighborhood. 

The most popular choices for sellers are single-family homes, earning between $239,000 and $424,000 on average for 1,200 to 2,250 square feet, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom sized homes respectively.

For buyers, there are many options along the main roads like Kedzie Avenue, right where the stores, shops, and food options are located.

Who Is Avondale Best For?

In the end, Avondale proves a very popular neighborhood for families and singles alike, with access on foot or via bike to a range of shopping centers, art centers, parks, and more. Locals love the tightly knit community feel of the neighborhood and in particular, the stunning tree-lined streets.

Overall, this neighborhood is a wonderful mixture of established Chicago residents as well as first-time buyers. The access to public transportation and affordability have made very friendly to commuters but the visual Staples like the colorful murals you will find across all mid-rise buildings and repurposed industrial spaces make the area one of the most recognizable in all of Chicago suburbs.

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